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Why is it worth investing in PWA for your business?

For those wondering – what is PWA – PWA is an acronym for “Progressive Web Apps”. The best way to describe it, a PWA is a website with the […]

How cloud computing benefits a business

According to statistics, cloud data centers will be responsible for processing 94% of workloads in 2021. Considering that 90% of companies already use cloud services, the prediction is very […]

Trends in Web Development: 2020 and beyond

Each year, we see the flood of new technologies and tools that shape web development and ease the work on digital products. Web development continuously evolves by adopting new […]

Why is the new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium? What does it mean for web app development?

Microsoft’s browser has recently received a big update. The Edge browser is now based on the same code as Google Chrome – it runs on Chromium. It’s an interesting […]

Speed Up Your MVP Time-to-Market with a Progressive Web App

The world of mobile app development is somewhat murky. While many business owners have an application they want to build, few know which technology to use. Without development experience, […]

6 Ways AWS Can Shorten Your Platform’s Time-to-Market

If the entrepreneur prizes any one detail, it has to be product time-to-market. After a lightbulb moment, all that stands between idea and success is development – at least, […]

Redvike x CallPage: Helping a Leading Start-up Shift Through the Gears of Growth

Product: SaaS-model Lead Generation Widget Use Case: Converting site visitors into leads or clients for small and large-scale enterprise Headquarters: Cracow, Poland Domain: https://www.callpage.io/  The CallPage—Redvike story goes way […]

Chitown Trainer: Chicago In Home Personal Training

Nowadays, we are used to take care of ourselves. We pay attention to what we eat, how we look and what could be healthy for our body.