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What is the Best Backend Technology to Support React.js?

The backend (in other words the server-side) of an application or a website is something invisible to the eye of the user. It’s a tech layer responsible for storing […]

What Are Some Good Resources to Learn React Native?

React technology is literally the heart of our company. Since the beginning, we’ve been creating web and mobile applications this way as we value scalable and modern solutions. Knowing […]

5 Advantages of React JS

As a React js development company with years of experience in delivering React-based applications, we know this technology inside out. And not only we know it, but we love […]

Innovative Features of React Native Development

React Native earned no 1. place among the most used cross-platform mobile frameworks of 2019 and 2020. According to statistics, 42% of software developers worldwide use React Native as […]

Top 5 companies using React Native

With the ever-rising popularity of React Native, we could notice some great examples of applying the technology into products. Despite being rather recent, it’s been already used by many […]

What is React Native used for?

Software developers appreciate technologies that besides offering high-quality outcomes, are also pleasant to work with. That’s why recently, React Native gained so much popularity in the IT field. The […]

React Native for Windows announced by Microsoft this week

React Native is responsible for simplifying and fastening the process of making apps for Android and iOS. This frameworks allows to write JavaScript code and simply run it on […]

React Native vs. Flutter – Which Is Right for You?

They say competition brings out the best in people. Well, what’s true for people must be true for technology as well. Facebook and Google have gone toe-to-toe in advertising, […]