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How to Become a Great Business Analyst

A business analyst’s job is to evaluate a business’s processes and systems, understand how those evolve over time, and present technological solutions to improve the organization. To do this, […]

5 Tips on How to Improve Remote Team Communication Culture

Communication is the cornerstone for every great relationship! We take it for granted and think it’s something easy and intuitive, but it actually takes a lot of conscious will […]

How to distinguish a good Node.js developer

Node.js is used for traditional web sites and back-end API services. It allows software developers to launch both the frontend and backend of web apps using JavaScript. It’s a […]

Part I. Best Communication Practices

Through years of delivering innovation in the IT industry, we’ve created our own culture of working with clients. We believe good communication practices are key to successful project development […]

How we deliver software projects in Redvike

The top values of Redvike are the development of our employees, providing high-quality software projects and taking care that people have access to the latest technological solutions. It may […]

What makes a good software developer?

Software developers are usually considered the smartest in the room. The knowledge of advanced technology, innovations, and fast thinking make them unique individuals. Adding the height of their standard […]

What is the role of a tester in mobile app development?

Mobile app development is a process that involves an integrated work of different IT professions. Apart from, developers, project managers, and technical writers there are also software testers whose […]

How a developer, marketer, and designer make your app stands out from the crowd. Analyzing the performance of the product

The tech market has been filled with applications that take care of you, your life and your work. So many interesting positions yet we encounter more and more ideas […]