4 June

Why “code review” scheme is the perfect formula for the process of personal development for every developer?

Recently, we started New Year which as usual was the occasion, to sum up and think about our goals for the next year. However, making a sum up just because a year has just ended is not the best reason. Probably you won’t take full advantage of this process. So what is the best way to set up and execute the pace of your personal development?

Maybe we should start from the idea behind the development of Redvike. Since the beginning, our goal was to build a stable and frequently recommended software house. We aim to craft great and reliable software. We know the responsibility behind our work and we want to provide the maximum value to our partners and best working experience for our employees. Probably that is the main reason, why we are keen on optimizing the development process and making it work as fluent and enjoying as possible.

How does this goal correlate with the idea of the personal development of yourself?
Usually, those processes has one thing in common – checkpoints. Those moments when you have to make a wrap things up and measure your progress. Usually people measure it based on their paychecks or the projects which they’ve completed. But the best approach is to think about quality of the code and your everyday development. People build their companies and put annual income as their main goal, we at Redvike think about our experience and knowledge. This is a long-term kind of thinking, but it will definitely provide you more opportunities and satisfaction from your work.

Even though, it does not mean that we don’t properly admire and reward work of our developers. There’s nothing wrong with high pay checks, but at the end of the day the knowledge of technologies and experience in commercial and non-profit make you a developer. Don’t forget it and always look at the quality of your code, work and experience, not the amount 😉

If you want to get inspired check out those three frameworks. They are here to extend your knowledge in different topics:

Do you want to read some case study about the development?

Here’s our story about LeadR and another one about ChiTown

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