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The Pitch

Agendium is based in Finland but harbored ambitions to scale throughout Europe. As data protection specialists, the arrival of GDPR presented a compelling opportunity for growth. However, its existing technology was a significant hurdle standing in the way of their strategy. So, Redvike stepped in to help redesign the software from the ground up.

  • Agendium’s existing product struggled with slow page load speeds, which frustrated users.
  • Pages were built on separate platforms, resulting in a confusing UX and clunky architecture; while redundant API calls further affected site performance.
  • Agendium wanted to scale into Europe alongside building out their feature set, but the existing architecture would not allow this.

The Process


Redvike had to work closely with the client, so we integrated Agendium’s team directly into our workflow; including daily stand-ups and planning sessions. This expedited the development process and allowed both teams to hit tight deadlines. We chose Vue.js as the underlying technology to reduce the application size, resulting in scalable architecture which Agendium could quickly build-out.

  • We rebuilt the platform using Vue.js, decreasing its size and improving page load speed.
  • The new architecture was a simple-to-scale enterprise system onto which new features could easily be added.
  • We rationalized the components bringing all elements under one roof, making ongoing maintenance easier.

The Result

Agendium’s new system is incredibly slick, resulting in higher conversions and happier customers. Ismo Paananen - Agendium CEO - is now plotting his product roadmap thanks to the newfound scalability with many features already added. Plus, clients also have a fresh toolset for personal data management.

  • UX has increased client acquisition aImproveds as well as user satisfaction.
  • Agendium has added a raft of new features, opening new acquisition channels and improving the overall product experience.
  • The business even offers a comprehensive toolset for personal data management.

Review from the client

Daniel CEO of Redvike
Daniel CEO of Redvike

Redvike demonstrated both professionalism and flexibility from start to finish. They met all requirements and delivered high-quality final products on time and at excellent value.

Ismo Paananen

CEO, Agendium Ltd

Daniel CEO of Redvike

Daniel Samotys


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