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The Pitch

Vienna-based Eventportal work with a variety of event organizers - from small, independent operators through to globally-renowned festivals - bringing their tech-enabled cashless solutions to the fields. The initial product had served the company well; however, as Eventportal scaled through Europe and beyond - it was clear clients would need new functionality to serve their needs adequately.

  • The platform was dated: from running an old version of AngularJS through to its unintuitive design.
  • There was limited scope for branding, no unity around iconography or layout, and no product list - so festivals couldn’t purchase a package or create bespoke offerings.
  • A lack of analytics and minimal scope for social media integration also limited its value.
  • The client wanted full integration of Material Design, but the App couldn’t support new services.

The Process

Given the existing solution and the client’s requests, we chose to develop the platform on AngularJS 5 integrating Material Design. The App followed the specific workflows of the business with Redvike consulting to get the design and logic just right. We enabled a level of customization giving festivals scope to brand elements as well as creating category-specific packages and products.

  • The new App incorporates the latest Material Design trends and is built using AngularJS 5.
  • We introduced customizable elements across the interfaces.
  • We enabled social login; leveraging different social features to allow users to engage with the platform in a variety of ways through their favorite social channel.

The Result

Eventportal were delighted with the new app. The catalog of new features has allowed the business to engage the biggest festivals in Europe: if you attend one this summer, look out for the Eventportal cashless experience. The user flow is beautifully simple, complementing the fast pace of the festival atmosphere - and users love the app as much as the organizers.

  • A simplified in-app flow has increased client conversion.
  • Customers continue to complement the user experience with satisfaction levels vastly improved.
  • The in-app branding and rich feature set have attracted Europe’s largest event operators to come onboard.
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