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The Pitch

ChiTown Trainer offers on-demand fitness instruction in Chicago. Twenty trainers work throughout the city running both 1-to-1 and group fitness sessions in various luxury residential buildings. With ambitions to scale the service across five new cities, the company's CEO sought a bespoke solution to support business growth and enhance productivity.

  • ChiTown Trainer wanted a comprehensive Business Management System to handle the company-wide process, helping the organisation become more productive on the whole.
  • The client was using Mindbody: a dated, and overly-complex enterprise SaaS solution focused on brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • No other solution existed to support location-independent operations, or to handle both private and group sessions, making custom development the only option.
  • The app also had to include scope for brand differentiation in the competitive personal training vertical.

The Process

The new app offers both mobile and web access with separate client/trainer/manager/owner interfaces. Each includes a user-specific dashboard with role-related information allowing the entire business to operate from within a single, custom platform.

  • We built a comprehensive, user-centric app that surfaces personal details, schedules, calendars, and tasks – with in-app notifications, plus an online shop.
  • We also covered business operations requirements with features supporting staff management, payroll, payment and invoice processing, and task management.
  • A ‘re-skinnable’ companion app supports interactive trainer-client communication, creating a ‘sticky’ brand and in-residence experience.

The Result

Thanks to the new end-to-end Business Management Solution, ChiTown Trainer has streamlined all elements of business operations. Both clients and trainers love the ease-of-use of the application; while client acquisition has markedly increased, the business continues to scale, and company-wide productivity is higher than ever.

  • Client acquisition has increased, luxury residences are signing up thanks to the in-app branding capability, and other businesses are now looking to license the software.
  • Productivity has improved, while the centralised service has allowed expansion into new territories.
  • The client has made significant savings thanks to cheaper-to-run software.
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